New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its natural scenery. In the quality of education, New Zealand excels in several fields, such as Science, Mathematic, Culinary, Hospitality, Tourism, and Engineering.

Why New Zealand?

1. A country that has many very beautiful natural tourist attractions.
2. High quality education and internationally recognized.
3. Permit to work part time 20 hours per week during school and full time 40 hours during school holidays.

Living Cost in New Zealand

The living cost in New Zealand varies greatly depending on your lifestyle and the city in which you live. The average living cost required by a student in New Zealand generally ranges from NZD 1,500 to NZD 2,500 per month. This fee includes :
1. Residence
2. Food
3. Transportation
4. Daily living expenses


To be able to enroll in an New Zealand university, you need to meet a number of conditions, such as:
1. Student Visa
2. Health Insurance
3. Accommodation
5. Financial Evidence

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