Singapore is known as a country that has high quality educational institutions. Apart from high quality education, the reason many students choose this country is because it is close to Indonesia.

Why Singapore?

1. The education offered is of international standard and of high quality.
2. Singapore is known as a country with strict and transparent regulations.
3. This city-state is beautifully laid out, neat, extremely clean and safe, and is supported by world-class technology and facilities.

Living Cost in Singapore

The living cost in Singapore varies greatly depending on your lifestyle and the city in which you live. The average living cost required by a student in Singapore generally ranges from SGD 1,500 to SGD 3,000 per month. ranges from RM 1,300 to RM 3,500 per month. This fee includes :
1. Residence
2. Food
3. Transportation
4. Daily living expenses


To be able to enroll in an Singapore university, you need to meet a number of conditions, such as:
1. Student Visa
2. Health Insurance
3. Accommodation
5. Financial Evidence

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